Our Guarantees

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  • We will communicate in plain English, not legal jargon.
  • Clients will receive fair and balanced reports in writing.
  • Clients will receive a personal consultation with a suitably qualified member of legal staff.
  • Global elder client issues will be addressed and understood.
  • We will communicate regularly with intermediaries.
  • We will aim to achieve all parties' common goals.
  • We will aim to be a kite mark for quality service.
  • We will adhere to service level agreements.
  • Intermediaries will be paid their client advice fees on the day of completion.
  • We will offer a lobbying function against anti-ER protagonists.
  • We will offer a trouble-shooting service where there is doubt whether a case can proceed.
  • All members will offer a service based on "no completion, no fee" so that the homeowner is not penalised if a case cannot proceed for any reason, such as down-valuation.

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