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Equity release an attractive option for silver splitters

Posted on:September 24, 2013

Equity release is becoming an increasingly popular part of financial settlements, with nearly one in ten over-60s taking out equity release plans on the value of their home currently divorced or separated. 

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Property wealth funds elderly care for over a million

Posted on:September 10, 2013

Over one million families have sold their homes in the last five years to meet the cost of paying for elderly care, a new report has revealed.

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Shrinking state pensions could be bolstered by equity release

Posted on:August 23, 2013

Recent research from the Trades Union Congress (TUC) has found the government's proposed pension changes may make millions of workers worse off. 

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Releasing potential: how to solve interest-only?

Posted on:August 13, 2013

Equity release can provide an ideal solution for borrowers in an interest-only trap, but for many customers, fear of the unknown is curbing enthusiasm. 

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A promising week for future pensioners

Posted on:July 26, 2013

A promising week for future pensioners, with a healthy equity release industry, savvy young savers and auto-enrolment reaching 1 million workers.

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Strong six months for Equity Release

Posted on:July 12, 2013

2013 has seen the equity release industry bloom, with a total of £473 million of housing wealth released by over-55 homeowners in the first six months of the year.  

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Equity Release – not just a crisis product

Posted on:July 3, 2013

Greater provision of information from equity release solicitors and advisers can help dispel myths about the industry and improve its reputation

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The changing uses of Equity Release

Posted on:June 10, 2013

While equity release isn't a suitable product for everyone, and requires careful consideration and expertise, it can be used in a variety of situations beyond financing home improvements or holidays, and supplementing retirement income.

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Equity Release Advice in the EU

Posted on:June 3, 2013

This week saw equity release enter European Union (EU) debate in Brussels. 

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Confidence up but better accessibility needed for Equity Release Advice

Posted on:May 20, 2013

The number of UK adults who would consider equity release as part of their retirement planning has risen to 77% over the past year, research from the Equity Release Solicitors' Alliance (ERSA) reveals. 

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The FCA report into interest only mortgages and the importance of expert advice

Posted on:May 7, 2013

Recent research from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has found nearly 1.3 million interest only mortgage customers may find themselves with a shortfall situation at the end of their loan term. Equity release may provide a solution to their shortfall.

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House prices vs retirees’ income

Posted on:April 22, 2013

House prices have risen nearly twice as fast as UK retirees' income in the last fifteen years, recent research by the Equity Release Council revealed.

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Oxford Economics Equity Release Report

Posted on:March 28, 2013

A recent report by Oxford Economics on equity release has sparked discussion in the industry, tracking predicted trends in demographics and pensioners' income to forecast the reality of future retirement.


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A year of growth for equity release

Posted on:March 11, 2013

Equity release is poised for a year of growth in 2013 according to the latest Equity Release Council survey results

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Equity release & elderly care: The £75,000 cap vs. the £145,000 gap

Posted on:February 14, 2013

The latest government legislation from Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced bills for long-term care in old age are to be capped at £75,000 from 2017. 

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‘Single-tier’ Pensions & Equity Release

Posted on:January 21, 2013

The new 'single-tier' pension & the impact for equity release

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Key Moments for Equity Release in 2012

Posted on:December 19, 2012

A Round-Up of Key Moments for Equity Release in 2012 and their implications for the future

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November Equity Release News

Posted on:December 3, 2012

November Equity Release News:

November has been rife with equity release research, but three statistics in particular stand out.

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ERSA comments on the Mortgage Market Review

Posted on:November 14, 2012

Late last month we saw the Financial Services Authority (FSA) announce its final details regarding the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) including three new rules particularly relevant to the Equity Release Industry.  

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ERSA comments on the Social Care White Paper

Posted on:October 26, 2012

The findings of a recent 'snap poll' on the Equity Release Council's website have revealed some rather worrying results.

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Baby boomers face realities of retirement costs en mass

Posted on:October 8, 2012

The largest number of post-war baby boomers are now starting to reach retirement age and this year and next will see the greatest number of new retirees in history. Official figures forecast the over-65 population will double from 2010 by 2020. This increase in pensioners subsequently brings with it larger sums of retirees presented with the realities of retirement costsen mass. 

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ERSA poll reveals nearly 3 in 4 will retire without an adequate income

Posted on:September 13, 2012

A recent poll conducted by the Equity Release Solicitors Alliance (ERSA) has found nearly three quarters of the adult population are drifting towards retirement without adequate funding, despite being aware their monthly pension contributions are insubstantial.

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The Equity Release Council and ERSA

Posted on:August 9, 2012

The Equity Release Council is the trade body for equity release, Claire Barker gives her thoughts on the creation of the new body. 

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Equity Release and Care

Posted on:July 27, 2012

The Government has delayed a decision on paying for long term care, supporting equity release type loans from councils

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The Early Retirement Gap

Posted on:July 13, 2012

The rise in state pension age is leaving many people who still plan to retire at 65 with a gap in retirement income

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Equity release advice making a positive impact

Posted on:July 4, 2012

The subject of equity release schemes have been rising steadily up the news agenda for the last few years.

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Have you considered equity release?

Posted on:September 6, 2011

It's a known fact that a lot of people don't consider equity release as a viable option in retirement

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In The News

25th July 2012: Equity Release Council figures show total advances of £224....

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Surveys & Polls

If you need extra income in retirement what would you be more inclined to do?

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Equity release is becoming an increasingly popular part of financial settl...

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